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Creative writing prompts

Storytelling is one of those great lessons where students are mostly in control and have freedom to be creative.

Ask all of the students to tell you their favourite word in English and write them on the board. Then get them to write a story using all of the words.
Try a chain writing activity where everyone writes for 1 minute then pass papers down the line and continue the stories.
Try a story telling competition with a limit of say 50 to 60 words (some given) are great fun.
Every Picture Tells a Story
Online collaborative story writing:

Write a post card
Teachers can show this video to English Language Learners and have them write what happened chronologically. In addition, students could be asked why the driver stopped and helped, and share times they have (and, perhaps, have not) been kind and why:

I invited them to walk around the school, choose something, take a picture and write a 50-word story based on that picture.

A list of creative writing assignments

135 most controversial essay topicsu

Submit a photo essay

If you enjoy photography and/or writing, have a go at writing a photo essay on a special photograph. Contributions are always welcome! It is hoped that the site reaches a stage where a new photo essay is posted every day.
So feel free to have a go! Once you're done, fill out the form below! You can also e-mail your photoessay, photograph and answers to the questions. Feel free to let me know if you have any enquiries.


1. Essays should be within 300 and 1000 words.
2. The photograph must be a personal one (ie. not from newspapers, magazines or the internet)

Academic writing: Writing paragraphs

    • Post a video, audio recording or just a regular post on your blog in which you state 5 facts about yourself – 3 truths and 2 lies

Let the students know that you are going to do an activity called 5-5-5. (You can learn more about this at Brains are Fun).

For the first 5 minutes, the students get to watch the videos. While they watch the video, they should be taking notes. As the students work on this, they will become more proficient at taking notes. Do not stop the video during the 5 minutes of note taking. When students are older and in college, they will not have the opportunity to pause the teacher.

Second 5 minutes: Have students pair up with one other student. They should pair up with a different student each time you do this. They then each have about 2 minutes to share what they learned. While one person is doing a retell, the other student should be adding to the notes. Then the students switch.

Last 5 minutes. Students write a summary of what they have learned. After the summary, students will have spent 15 minutes learning a new idea. They will have listened to the video, talked about the video, listened to a peer talk about the video and written a summary.